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Toe 5 The See Sad See​-​Thru

from Ephram Fomp And His Big Time Sandals by Vir McCoy and David Jenkins

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As the sandals walked Ephram through the forest he thought about his family. About now they would be gathering for supper and his mother would be calling him. “I don’t wanna sleep in these woods alone” Ephram said out loud. Ephram glanced down at his big time feet. “I shoulda just left these sandals! I could be home eatin’ nardles and pookus mash! Big feet jus get me into trouble!” But Ephram wondered whose sandals they were because as far as he knew he was the only person that had feet this big. Even when he was born he came out feet first and they thought something was wrong with him. Nah, he just had big feet. Really big feet. That’s all.

By and by and after awhile Ephram came upon a strange sight sure enough. In fact he almost bumped into him or… her? “Wo!” said Ephram. The sandals stopped. In front of him stood a person who seemed very sad. The strange thing was that he could see right through this person as if he had X-Ray vision. Inside her Ephram could see bones and organs and inside stuff and there seemed to be colors and pictures floating around. Like paintings on the inside. He or… she was a See Sad- See Through Organ Person, totally transparent. “Oh dear, oh dear, can you help me here? I think something’s wrong here. See these colors in here? See the gray inside me here? “Oh dear”. See this black blob inside here? It brings me a tear,” said the See Sad. “What can I do? Can I help?” asked Ephram most confused. “Do you see what’s wrong with me? You can see what’s wrong with me. You can see inside of me. You can see I’m not happy. See here is my fear. See this grey blob here? Stuck right here,” said the See Sad. And the see sad pointed to a spot near the back of her back. Ephram didn’t know what to think. See Sad moaned more. “ It’s fear, something I won’t go near. It’s stuck here. Oh dear. I have fear. Stuck right here. Near these kidneys here. Why? See here when I was six my older sister Ovil hit me with two sticks. Now everyone I come near just gives me fear. I think your going to hit me with two sticks! I fear I can’t go near. oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. ,ohhhgggggg!” Ephram looked at the See Sad See Through Organ Person very carefully. He could see that inside the grey blob was a memory picture of a young See Sad being hit by the older sister Ovil with two sticks. Ephram realized that the memory of Ovil hitting her with two sticks was still stuck in her and was playing over and over again like a stuck movie projector. Ephram had an idea… “Why don’t you pretend Ovil’s here right now and break those sticks in two and tell her to don’t ever hurt you again or your going put beetles in her ear when she’s sleeping!” stated Ephram. “Ohhh do you think I could? Do you think I should? I’m scared, very scared. It’s the fear I can’t go near! Oh dear” said See Sad. “Might as well try. You have nothing to lose,” said Ephram. The See-Sad paused and looked at Ephram carefully. See-Sad could see he looked like a normal boy, then she saw his sandals and his huge feet. “Oh dear, oh dear don’t you have fear? Your feet are rather queer.” Ephram just shrugged his shoulders. “ Why everybody has something funny goin’ on.” “You have no fear? My fear is nothing compared to your queer feet. Oh dear, ohhhh ddearrr!” See-sad paused for a moment as thought colors streamed out from her head... Suddenly See Sad pushed a nearby small Gompus tree and said “No! Ovil, I don’t care what you do but you’ll not hit me! I’m through! I will break your sticks in two! No! No! No! I’m through with you!” She broke off a small branch as if it was one of the sticks.
See-Sad shook the little tree most furiously and suddenly… most definitely, the stuck movie projector of Ovil began to move. The memory picture was changing!
“It’s a-movin!” shouted Ephram. Ephram could see colors flying everywhere and the grey blob began to ooze loose! The See-Sad shook for a second, and then shook again. See-Sad shimmied and shammered, wiggled and warbled, mumbled and tumbled, rumbled and stumbled. Water started to gush out the eyes of the See-Sad. “Ohh Ohhhh…” Ephram felt himself well up inside and knew what to do. He hugged the See Sad See Through Organ Person just like his mama did him when he had water eyes. Ephram could see that the grey gunk inside was going, all washing away. See-Sad cried, sniffled, sighed and wiped an eye. “Oh, Oh I do think something is new, I think I may be through!” The grey blob is not so here! My sister is not here. The fear is not so near! Oh! Oh happy!” Now inside the See-Sad was a light-bright glow now, like the color of the stars. “Wee heee freee! Oh happy, very happy!” It was a heart kickstart. “Weee heee!” The See- Sad see through organ person ran happy. All Ephram could see inside her now was bright rainbow colors streaming everywhere. See-Sad hugged Ephram. “Oh thank you, one-with-the–magic-shoes, oh thank, thank you! Very happy, very happy!”
And with that the See-Sad See Through Organ Person pranced off to the woods. “Very happy, very happy!” Echoed in the distance.
“She just had a muddy spot on her soul sock that needed washing!” Thought Ephram. “Ha Hee, Mu Muk Muk Muk!”
Otherwhile… at a set of footprints in the distant forest the voice spoke… “?” (“Bluesman… where’s my sandals?”)
The old man just smiled and pointed. The blues in z minor drifted into the clouds. “Ωηερεσ μψ σανδαλσ. .εεεεεεεεε!” (“Where’s my sandals...eeeeeeeee!”)


from Ephram Fomp And His Big Time Sandals, released October 10, 2011


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